Recipes to Enjoy Thanksgiving

Here is a question I recently received from

My husband was diagnosed with diabetes as few months ago and has been working hard to lose weight and control his blood sugar.  Each year we have a family gathering for thanksgiving that includes lots of food (large turkey dinner with all the trimmings and assorted pies & cakes for dessert).  What are your suggestions to ensure my husband doesn’t overeat but also does not feel deprived this thanksgiving?

Answer: Everyone can eat anything in moderation; practice and develop a good eating habit of controlling portion size in each meal can be very helpful.  Mindful eating and counting the carbohydrate allowance to help you controlling blood sugar.  Be familiar to the food items that you usually eat and will be eating during the Thanksgiving dinner to help you estimate the carbohydrate and fat level.  Use the website food item list to identified foods to use more often and less often.

Here are some recipes with nutrition analysis provided, remember every nutrition value is equal to one serving!
Click to download the recipes: Thanksgiving recipes

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